a busy saturday…

February 22, 2009 at 8:07 am Leave a comment

I am finally relaxing on my couch after a long and fun day filled with cooking, garage sale-ing, cleaning, organizing, gym-ing, painting, and lots of decorating and redecorating. Thinking back on it, this was a looonnnngggg day.

The best part by far was the garage sale-ing. I mapped out my route last night from craigslist postings. I was out the door at about 8:30 this morning and hit up six garage sales by noon. I had so much fun. The first sale I went to had two little girls that were really excited about showing me all of their favorite items that I should buy. The eight year old actually convinced me to buy her two favorite books Fever and Eggs. I might actually read them –she was just so cute and excited. I also bought an easel, a framed owl print, and some metal pots. The second sale I went to I was bombarded by four little kids who couldn’t wait to sell me the lemonade and cookies they had made. It reminded me so much of my childhood and our cul de sac – wide garage sales and how my sisters and I were always so excited to set up our lemonade and donut stand. I really loved drinking those kids’ really sugary, really mouth-staining red lemonade. It warmed my heart. I found really awesome things at every other sale I hit too. Here are my highlights:

1. painted wooden egg and stand


2. old books!

old books!

3. the best old book =)

woman hater

4. awesome dress

awesome dress

5. best framed picture


6. king kong framed poster for $10!


7. old prints


8. and some of my purchases already incorporated into my decor…


Man, I had so much fun getting all of this fun stuff this morning. I love garage sales!


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bow ties are the new skinny ties Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week–my favorites

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