a beautiful and long weekend

February 17, 2009 at 8:18 am Leave a comment

Though I meant to post many times this weekend, I had a fairly computer-free past three days. I think I need that every once in a while. I have three completely unrelated pictures to post tonight.

The first is in honor of the holiday. I saw this mural on the back of a building in Venice and it really struck me (even though the reason for it is pretty literal since the building is on the corner of Lincoln and Rose streets). But, hey, I’ll take literal murals any day.

lincoln and rose

Ok, the second picture is back to my quilt. Me and this quilt really did not get along this weekend. I finished the quilt top sometime last week and finished the back on Sunday morning. The actual sandwiching is always my least favorite part, especially with a quilt as large as this one. My seam ripper was my best friend on Sunday night. I think it took me two hours to undo a mistake that took me 30 seconds to make. Oh well. So goes quilting. Regardless of our tiff, I love this quilt and really hope you will too. Here is a second sneak peek…

bold as love 2

And this third picture was just too sad not to share. My roommate Kina’s mom makes lots of cookies every Valentine’s Day and this year I was lucky enough to get one. It was beautiful and I couldn’t wait to get a snap of it before eating it. Unfortunately, my purse got the best of this cookie that was once so full of love. =(

broken hearted

But not to worry. Dan and I actually had a fantastic V day together and despite the omen of the Kinamomcookie we are going strong.

More to come soon. Also, if you have a reader (google reader, feedburner, etc.) you can add this blog to it by clicking the Entries (RSS) button at the right. Thanks for reading!


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